Famously Wrecked™ Artwork
Transformative Artwork, celebrating First Amendment rights and behavioral reform.

The Famously Wrecked artwork collection represents Hollywood Pop Culture history at its finest moment — encouraging FREE SPEECH and adding to the rich landscape of the celebrity [bad behavior] culture.

Our Mission is to accurately and creatively represent this culture by way of original and transformative artwork, while celebrating our First Amendment rights, and appealing to the public interest in general.  The Famously Wrecked company also aims to support Freedom of Speech within the Arts and will be donating a portion of the company’s proceeds to juvenile reform organizations nationwide by way of this effort.

With a hint of irony, we have inserted ourselves into the marketplace with our one-of-a-kind transformative artwork collection to help create awareness around celebrity bad behavior and its impact on society — specifically young adults.  Thus, by leveraging notable “bad behavior”, our goal is to support reform of the same.


From time to time, Famously Wrecked will drop a FREE DIGITAL PRINT to one of our loyal clients. We are currently showcasing MTV’s Rob & Big celebrities, and with [a little] creative license, we dropped them in front of a booking height board to be on-brand (although either one has been arrested to our knowledge). Christopher “Big Black” Boykin passed, May 9th, 2017.  Interested in the FREE DIGITAL PRINT?  Check out our Collections for purchase and eligibility. **Skateboard artwork is print-ready for a standard-sized deck.


Fire Away!

Famously Wrecked Art Co.

Thank you for your interest in Famously Wrecked.  Please contact us with any questions about our products and NFTs, and a representative will respond within two (2) business days.